Laboratorium is the experimental lab for art/design and biotechnology at KASK / School of Arts Ghent. As a biolab in art and design it focuses on exploring different interactions between art, science and technology.

If you are interested in participating or using our facilities, send us an email to


The main research project is the color biolab, which focuses on new ways of approaching the color field.

Starting from traditional coloring, to living organisms or waste, this project aims to reflect about the possibilities of new coloring sources, and the implications involved.


Laboratorium develops projects in collaboration with artists and scientists applying the research from the color biolab project.


Laboratorium organises workshops, lectures and participates in the academic programme of KASK within the topics as colors, biomaterials, Art+­Science and DIYbio. Here you can find info of the previous activities organised as well as a list of the upcoming events.