KASK biolab contextualizes color in contemporary art and design questioning its related environmental issues. This proposal identifies the environmental impact of the color industry and envisions the shift towards a sustainable approach in color.

The current research Ecology of colour project is funded by the Arts Research Fund of University College Ghent.

Ecology of colour

Ecology of Colour rethinks colour generation structurally. Structural colouration produces colour by microscopically structured surfaces in fine layers that interfere with light. Structural colours are responsible for iridescence. This research positions KASK as the first institution applying this technology in arts and design.

The Ecology of Colour project is funded by the Arts Research Fund of University College Ghent.

The Color Biolab

From 2016 to 2019, an initial research project was conducted at the lab focusing on new ways of creating colors: The Color Biolab. The Color Biolab was a transdisciplinary research project approaching the color field from different perspectives: from sustainable production and application to the use of color as a common language between art and science. This project aimed to reflect on the possibilities of new coloring sources, from traditional coloring to living organisms or waste and the implications involved.

Most of the work was developed in LABORATORIUM, the experimental lab for art/design and biotechnology at KASK. In LABORATORIUM, microorganisms were cultured, pigment extraction was performed and applied, and microbial visualization or chemical reactions were conducted. On this page, you can find a database of coloring materials used in the laboratory. To see the projects developed in this research, you can click here.

Some of the results generated in this research were exhibited and presented in national and international conferences and art spaces. The knowledge that was generated was transferred via workshops, presentations, and seminars within and outside of the art academy. This project was led by MarĂ­a Boto and Kristel Peters, and it explored different approaches to the production and application of living, sustainable, and open colors at KASK/School of Arts-University College Ghent.

The Color Biolab project was funded by the Arts Research Fund of University College Ghent.